The Problem

Phone, email and load boards are too slow. While you negotiate for one piece of freight, you often miss more profitable opportunities. Trucking is a tough business. The tools you use shouldn’t make it tougher.

The Solution

Revolutionary freight-matching from Evotrux instantly notifies you about shipments that match your needs. Submit offers online to win shipments in seconds. No more missed opportunities, just the freight you need, fast!

How it Works

  • Shipments

    Instant notifications when shipments are posted that match your needs

  • Offer

    Submit offers directly to shippers in seconds

  • Booked

    Confirm your availability on an accepted offer to book the shipment

  • Review

    After delivery, you rate the shipper and they’ll rate you


Evotrux was built to help you

  • Book more freight
  • Book better freight
  • Increase profitability
  • Save time
  • Be informed
  • Keep drivers happy
  • Reduce stress
  • Stand out
  • Quickly vet potential partners
  • Reduce risk




Free forever


  • Unlimited shipment and offer postings
  • Unlimited bookings
  • Rated company profiles
  • 30 days of activity history

Price: $0 – Free Forever

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Go beyond the load board



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Specialized data analysis


  • Custom built reports
  • Competitive analysis
  • Data observations and more

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure how something works?

  • How do I get set up with Evotrux?

    Simply register an account on Evotrux, then complete your company and service profiles and you’re ready to go.

  • Does Evotrux dictate shipment rates?

    No. Carriers choose their own rates and submit those which work for them. Evotrux does not dictate or influence rates in any way. With a premium membership, users get access to analytics tools which provide detailed information about market rates and trends, helping users maximize revenue potential.

  • Is Evotrux a freight-broker or broker app?

    No. Evotrux is not a freight-broker or broker app. Evotrux is a freight platform where shippers, brokers and carriers connect directly. Evotrux does not collect a commission on the transaction as brokers do.

  • What happens when I book a shipment?

    When a shipper accepts your offer, you are prompted to confirm your truck is still available. Once confirmed, Evotrux connects you with the shipper directly. All formal agreements, invoicing, payments etc happen directly between you and the shipper.

  • What happens if I cancel a pick up after I’ve won a shipment?

    Since the formal agreement is between you and the shipper, simply communicate with the shipper directly like you normally would.

  • What’s the catch? How can Evotrux be free?

    No catch. Base access to Evotrux is free. There are no transaction fees or hidden costs. Evotrux makes money from premium memberships and enterprise solutions.

In the time we have been using Evotrux, we have found the interface to be user friendly and it has provided access to new carrier partners. It has been a great addition to our tool box.

Jeff White, Lotus Terminals Ltd