The Problem

Phone, email and load boards are too slow. While you’re negotiating to book one truck, you often miss better opportunities. You don’t have time or money to waste. You need a faster way to reach and book trucks.

The Solution

Revolutionary freight-matching from Evotrux instantly matches your shipments to relevant carriers who submit offers in an effort to win the job. This helps you to quickly and easily find the best truck to move your freight.

How it Works

  • Shipments

    Posted shipments are instantly matched with relevant carriers

  • Offer

    Receive offers from available carriers through the platform - no phone or email!

  • Booked

    Pick the offer you like best and once the carrier confirms their availability, we’ll put you in direct contact

  • Review

    After delivery, you rate the carrier and they’ll rate you


Evotrux was built to help you

  • Reach more carriers
  • Find better solutions, quickly.
  • Increase profitability
  • Save time
  • Be informed
  • Reduce stress
  • Stand out
  • Quickly vet potential partners
  • Reduce risk




Free forever


  • Unlimited shipment and offer postings
  • Unlimited bookings
  • Rated company profiles
  • 30 days of activity history

Price: $0 – Free Forever

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Go beyond the load board

We are currently revamping our Premium plan and have MANY new features on the horizon.

Just a few features you can expect in the next few months:

  • Instant Booking
  • Internal Chat
  • Market Trend Reports
  • Price Health Indicators
  • Account Verification
  • and much more!

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Specialized data analysis


  • Custom built reports
  • Competitive analysis
  • Data observations and more

Price: Contact us for a free quote


Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure how something works?

  • Can freight brokers use Evotrux?

    Absolutely! Freight brokers and direct shippers are both considered shippers on Evotrux.

  • What happens after I accept an offer?

    After an offer is accepted, the carrier is asked to confirm their truck is still available. Once confirmed, Evotrux puts you in direct contact with your chosen carrier. All formal agreements, invoicing, payments etc happen directly between shipper and carrier.

  • Who do I pay?

    You pay the carrier directly. Evotrux helps you find the best truck solutions to move your freight and then gets out of the way so you can conduct business as you normally would.

  • How do I vet carriers from your system that I haven’t worked with before?

    Every company on Evotrux maintains a peer reviewed company profile. When you receive an offer, you can click the company name to view their profile and any ratings they have received from previous work. You can also do your own vetting process after booking. Since all formal agreements are between you and the carrier, if they don’t meet your unique requirements you can take action as you normally would.

  • What’s the catch? How can Evotrux be free?

    No catch. Base access to Evotrux is free. There are no transaction fees or hidden costs. Evotrux makes money from premium memberships and enterprise solutions.

Evotrux is a platform that makes us believe "Together we achieve more". It is easy to use and once the rate is approved we get a reply within no time. Thank you Evotrux.

Joban Kaur, King's Cargo Group