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The Freight-Matching Marketplace 

Where businesses book freight and trucks faster than ever!

How It



Shippers post their available freight which gets matched to relevant carriers


Carriers submit offers directly to shippers in an effort to win jobs


Shippers review incoming offers and accept the one they like best  


Peers rate each other after each shipment building trustworthy profiles

Once a shipment is booked, Evotrux puts the shipper and carrier in direct contact.  All formal agreements, invoicing, payments etc happen directly between the shipper and carrier


“With one click Evotrux filters all the BS I don’t want to deal with while giving me the info I need in a highly organized manner.  Evotrux saves me time, expands my reach and gives me the tools to be as profitable as possible.”

-Michael Noone, Logistics Coordinator, Big Freight

"Yehhhhh, that was fun!"

-Tania Sparatu, Dispatch, First Call Truck 

"Not only has Evotrux given me a quicker, easier, and more effective way to connect with carriers; it has also relieved the burden of making individual calls, and scrambling down carrier lists with time sensitive moves."

-Stanton Rempel, Logistics Coordinator, Keystone Western


80,000+ Trucks





Since July 1, 2019



Bookings happen when a shipper accepts an offer from a carrier and that carrier confirms their availability



Shippers and carriers communicate directly outside of Evotrux after a booking has occurred

Invoicing and Payment

Carriers invoice shippers directly and shippers provide payment to carriers as they normally would